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Transparent and Simple Pricing.


For Casual Traders


Basic Upcoming Unlock Events
Basic Vesting Chart
Basic Token Emission
Basic Allocation Screener

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For Pro Traders


per month

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More Unlock Events
Advanced Vesting Chart
Advanced Token Emission
Full Access to Allocation Screener
Full Access to Post Unlocks Analysis
CSV Export
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For Professional Analysts


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Everything in Pro, plus

Dynamic Emission API DataLearn more

Weekly Aggregated Emission

1Y Historical & 2Y Future Data

Allocation API DataLearn more

Allocation breakdown

Standard Allocation included

Note: Token data is continuously updated & listed to ensure accurate and comprehensive tokenomics information.

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Custom API Plan


For Crypto Funds seeking Enterprise solutions.

We can provide longer timeframes, more seats and additional datasets.

Industry Leading Vesting Data

Dynamically Updated

Trusted by Notable Crypto and Financial Firms

Unlock Analysis

Unlock Events

5 Events


Up to +1 Year


Vesting Schedule

All Timeframes

Standard Allocation

Price Analysis

On-chain Claim

Tokenomics Analysis

Allocation Comparison

Up to 5 Tokens

Allocation Screener

All Tokens

Post Unlocks Analysis

Claim Breakdown Analysis


Monthly Unlocks

Standard Allocation



Rate Limit

Monthly Rate Limit

Emission API

Historical Data


Future Data

Allocation API

Unlocked Supply

Standard allocation

Additional Features

Unlocks AI

Forecast withdrawal chart Data

Historical Stats

What’s included in TokenUnlocks Pro?

Track Unlocks, Uncover Supply

End-to-End Token Supply analysis through deeper and simplified Tokenomics data

Unlocks Analysis

Analyze the token distribution and vesting schedule with our industry leading visualization. Understand supply shock and price impact easily.

Unlock Events

Vesting Chart

Vesting as Timeline

Price Analysis


Post Unlock Analysis

What’s stated in Whitepaper is not always reflected on-chain.

Track on-chain movement of unlocks to beneficiary wallets. Understand the dynamics of new circulating supply entering the market.

Claimed Breakdown Analysis

Onchain Claim Chart

Claim Activity

Tokenomics Analysis

Dive deep into Tokenomics research. Compare the token across the market with TokenUnlocks Standardization.

Standard Allocation Chart

Allocation Screener

And More

Integrate Unlocks Data in your pipeline with CSV export, UnlocksAI and priority support from our team.


CSV Export 

Allocation Breakdown, Monthly Unlocks

ETH Unlocks

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