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Annual Report 2023 | TokenUnlocks


Annual Report 2023

Join us as we search into the heart of 2023, uncovering the stories written in numbers and charts that define the past year's crypto narrative.
The TokenUnlocks Annual Report marks the second collaboration of the TokenUnlocks team, offering comprehensive insights into the crypto industry's dynamic landscape in 2023.
Despite thriving in a bearish market post-2022, the year proved eventful with significant unlocks, innovations across sectors, and notable token migrations.
The report, building on the app's foundation addressing transparency issues, reflects gratitude for industry-wide support and showcases innovations like ETH-staking unlocks and UnlocksInsights.
This year's report goes beyond retrospective insights, delving into methodology, industry perspectives, and contributions from crypto and tokenomics experts.

This year is extraordinary.

with 3 trusted partners.

Special thanks to partners, Economics Design, M6Labs and Token Engineering Academy, contributors, and the dedicated TokenUnlocks team, as the report invites readers to an immersive journey through the data and insights that define the past year's crypto narrative.
Token Engineering Academy
M6 Labs
Economics Design
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